In this quiz, you'll be asked a number of questions and you'll score and improve in the following key areas...

1. Message

A magnetic marketing message is the solid foundation your business is built on. Crafting a great message doesn't require a college degree but it does require clarity and precision and this quiz will help you see if your message hits the mark!

2. Leverage

Leverage is a key ingredient in order for you to have a profitable 20 hour week business. Without leverage (in all aspects of your business), your income and impact will plateau.This quiz will help you to identify leverage opportunities.

3. Attract

Attracting clients consistently is the lifeblood of your business. But how well do you do it and is the way you do it conducive to hitting 8k months? This quiz will help you identify what to focus on to make client attraction predictable.

4. Convert

Turning potential clients into paying clients is at the heart of this category. Sales brings money into your business and this quiz will help you identify how well your conversion process works. After all, who doesn't want more sales?

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

Who is Yasmin?

Yasmin Vorajee is the #1 bestselling and award winning author of Tiny Time Big Results: 4 Principles to Run a Profitable 20 Hour Week Business.

Yasmin specialises in teaching small business owners how to run a profitable business working just a few hours a day through 4 powerful principles of Purpose, Profit, Productivity & Play. 

A former Vice President of Leadership Development, Yasmin specialises in business and marketing strategy and runs her thriving business from her home in rural Ireland where she lives with her 3 young children and farmer husband. 

Yasmin is passionate about helping people create a business that fills their hearts AND purses. Her 3 favourite 'F' words are family, freedom and flexibility and she loves dark chocolate and avocadoes!

“I started working with Yasmin as I had an idea for a business but wasn’t sure if it was viable and I wasn’t confident that it would work and I could pull it off. From the very first session Yasmin was amazing. She helped me get get clear on my name, what I was offering and to whom. Every week there was great progression and see a business with purpose and structure unfolding in front of me. I gained in confidence from implementing small steps consistently.

I now have a business model that is a success and I feel so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Thank you Yasmin – without you there would be no business just a busy fool trying to make a hobby a business!”

Sharon Huggard, Style Coach

Could you make 8k+ p/m working 20 hours a week?

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